Why should I use spray foam insulation?

Foam insulation is the most energy-efficient and effective means to insulating attics, walls, and crawlspaces. It provides a completely sealed envelope which virtually eliminates air infiltration to the home -- the leading cause of energy loss. It’s application has a energy saving benefit that is evident in new homes or existing home.

What is the energy savings I hope to get from Spray Foam insulation? How soon will I get a return on my investment?

The Department of Energy has concluded that 40% of energy lost in a home is due to unwanted air infiltration. Spray foam insulation is effective in reducing these air infiltrations and providing an effective air barrier. With the installation of spray foam insulation a homeowner can expect an energy savings of 30-70% dependent on the time of year. A conservative estimate would be 3-5 years for a return on your investment.

An example: You are getting a new home built. Your new home is 1800/ft2 and will cost $175,000 with fiberglass insulation. Using open cell foam the price is $178,000. On a 30 year mortgage at  6% your house payment with fiberglass insulation is $1050 per month; your house payment with foam insulation is $1067 per month. By choosing foam insulation, you will reduce your energy bill by up to 50% for an investment of $17/month.

Should I use open-cell or closed-cell foam?

Open-cell foam is also referred to as 1/2 lb foam. Open cell foam is a great product and offers insulation value far superior to batt or blown-In. It is effective in providing an effective air barrier, sound deadener, and water-resistant.

Closed-cell foam, also referred to as 2lb foam, is more dense than open cell foam and is an effective moisture barrier as well as an effective sound and air barrier. Closed cell foam has a greater r-value/inch than open cell foam, but it costs more.

Choosing between open-cell and closed-cell foam will depend on the specifics of your home and your budget. The most important thing to remember is that spray foam insulation is a far superior way to insulate your home and offers immediate money and energy savings for your existing or new construction home.

What is r-value and does it apply to foam?

The answer to this question is very difficult to explain. Technically spray foam is rated by an r-value/in. The r-value does not apply to foam because foam does not only insulate, but also reduces airflow, which is the root cause to energy loss. Please read the following article for more info on r-values. NEED ARTICLES


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